GPX Routes 👣

I have been gradually adding day routes onto Viewranger, now merged with Outdooractive, a subscription app with high resolution maps, for some time. As long as they don’t involve hazards, I have made them public and free for people to download. I have now created GPX routes for all my day hikes to replace the slightly vague route descriptions I had been providing on my blog. I have also improved some routes which were created from on screen maps which didn’t reflect what was on the ground.

There are now over 70 routes available to download and I have added links to my Viewranger / Outdooractive profiles which are running in tandem, from my blog and YouTube. I hope you will find them helpful if you are considering walks in this part of the world, and that they will work well in conjunction with my blog posts and videos. Please let me know if you experience problems with any of my routes.

My routes include places which are historically or environmentally sensitive or pass through areas with livestock. Please follow the appropriate country codes and leave no trace of your visit in order that other visitors can enjoy these walks after you. Thanks and Happy Hiking. Rosie 🌹



In May of 2018 I received the great news that I have been chosen for a Top Publisher 2018 Award for outstanding digital content. Thanks very much to my followers and the team at ViewRanger (now Outdooractive) for making this happen.