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I gather from some of the poisonous spam and abusive trolling I had on my deleted RR Twitter site since my blog was created to remember my late mum, that a few followers are still here for the gossip rather than for the outdoor content. I tried to signpost readers to the news section of my old website for over 5 years to no effect. After years of this, I am finally posting this on my blog which I hope is accessible to all.

Feel free to ignore this post if it doesn’t interest you as this is striving to be a hiking blog, but trolls should realise that they have all been reported, and that trolling or spamming will just expose them for the toxic people they really are (Names available on request).

Stephanie (Rosie) 🌹

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From 2000 – 2009, while my mother was terminally ill, I tried to clarify whether I could help Northumbria police and to report several crimes including an underage assault, firstly via a solicitor who did not have my best interests at heart, then via a relative who would not take my calls, then via an organisation who claim to “advance” the position of women who completely ignored every single thing I said to them, and finally via a friend acting as a go between with the police. I believe this is known as framing someone.

Very shortly before my mother passed away in 2009, my go-between’s Facebook messages were hacked on my Apple devices. The net result of all this was that nothing was resolved while my mother was alive, and a ton of evidence, involving several separate cases, went unreported. Following my mother’s death, there was no incentive for me to become further involved with these cases, most of which should have come to light long ago, and in 2012 I created this blog to remember my mum amidst the devastation.

Anyway, twenty hellish years on, I am gradually still reporting some of the things I was prevented from reporting when my mother was alive, as I feel able, including the underage rape allegation. Although I have had no feedback from Northumbria Police on most of these reports, 2019 ended on a real low as I received the predictable news that the underage rape has not been crimed by Northumbria. Then in March 2020 I was told that there was no evidence to support the allegation that my computer had been hacked before my mother’s death. All this means that nothing at all has been resolved and not one prosecution has resulted from any of the reports I have made to this force since I was 12 years old (including two assaults and two rapes).

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It seems to follow the same format each time I report anything from when I was a child. The Police and NHS firstly pathologize me, they then isolate me from my main witnesses or corroborators, sometimes for years, and seem to harvest them for information.

As I have said to the investigating officer, depriving abuse survivors of contact with anyone who might support their allegation is a barbaric practice, which results in much unnecessary suffering for victims who don’t understand why they can’t speak to their closest family or friends, and that in turn results in failure to report other crimes. My own experiences are testimony to this.

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I have begun to feel that it is just not worth the hurt and upset of making allegations where everybody lies, meaning the cases are not progressed or “lost”, and nobody gives a fig about my late mother. It is extremely unlikely that I will report any further cases to the police or to the organisation who claim to “advance” the position of women. I cannot be held responsible for any cases arising from the ignoring and silencing of my evidence over many years which nobody seems to give a fig about either.

I try to remain positive by kidding myself that people read the news posts I used to put out on my personal website, and that they were accessible to all.

Published 25th January 2020. From a post on my old website dated December 8th 2019.