I have always tried to involve readers in decisions about this blog, but the poll regarding which navigation app I should use was inconclusive, with few votes cast. I will therefore try to continue using both Viewranger and Outdooractive for now.

Because I need to focus on work after a period of settling in to my new home in Scotland, I will be shifting back to the free wordpress plan, so you may notice some changes from the end of this month. Subscriptions will not be affected. I would like to continue with my long distance walking here in this beautiful country, so I will still be writing up on my trips.

Water of Leith, Edinburgh

One of the things that trolls have made me realise is that, put simply, I began this blog because I love walking and the countryside, which is where my walking started 20 years ago. However there are a small but vocal group of online outdoor trolls, who are just brimming over with hatred for people who have come to the outdoors via different routes, or who disagree with them in any way. We know who they are.

My aims now are more selfish because they have to be. I need to focus on work and on self care. I also hope to rediscover my love of the outdoors without endless scrutiny from people who think they know best about everything. I can’t help noticing that the people who really do know best about the outdoors hardly ever do this.

Rucksack Rose – First Avatars 2012.

8 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Hello Rosie,

    I am so sorry that you continue to be & have received so much harassment from people unknown. I am sending you a big hug. I really want to commend you in preserving with your community work by writing your posts. I have followed you for several years now. I live in Brisbane, Australia. I’m originally from south of England but still have family there. I used to come over to visit them once a year before covid. Whilst there I’d often do walks like C2C. West coast Scotland like Arran and Northumbria are favourites. It was a friend of mine who told me about you. He lives in the Lake District. I was researching the Dale Way at the time.

    You have inspired me and I want to encourage you on your posting journey. I am a similar age and have not ventured out alone wild camping or even doing many long walks by myself. I have found your posts very interesting. If I had more time and the borders were open I would take the next step to solo walking. Starting like you did with shortish walks.

    All the best settling into your new home & enjoy discovering your surroundings. I hope these gutless, horrible people who hide, don’t bring you down. Keep you love of nature alive! And if that means you stop your posts to look after your health, then I think you should do that. Not that I want you to stop. You’re a survivor and have already shown that you’ve got lots of courage.

    Kind regards,



    1. Thanks very much Ghislaine. It has stopped now because the group has been reported. I still find myself unable to talk about some of it really but life is like walking really, you just keep putting one foot in front of the other. x

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