Seizing the day

Although this continues to be a terrible period for many people around the world, the vaccines and the lockdowns have given the people here in Edinburgh an opportunity to reclaim their city.

Princes Street Gardens.

Newcastle, where my parents lived, is not so far away from here, so I have had frequent visits to the city since I was a child, including many visits to the Edinburgh Festival, various concerts and exhibitions.

Berwick upon Tweed, where I lived and grew organic fruit, vegetables and herbs for almost 10 years, always felt more Scottish than English to me. Indeed the best thing about living in Berwick is Scotland.

Berwick upon Tweed

I traveled regularly from Berwick to Edinburgh for work, study, culture, leisure, and for holidays throughout Scotland during those 10 years, but living here has hopefully given me greater insight into the city, the country and the people.

Because the city is normally thronging with visitors from around the world, residents have enjoyed this opportunity to re-inhabit the city centre without the crowds. Last week I suddenly realised that I may never see places like the Royal Mile without crowds again, so I have been exploring the old town and added some short central walks to my City Strolls on Viewranger / Outdooractive.

I hope you will enjoy these short walks as the restrictions are lifted from tomorrow. Remember to follow the guidelines and leave no trace.

Rosie 🌹